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Maryland CFC FFL Will Work at NASCAR 2009 Events for WWP

Last year in 2008, CFC FFL Maryland participated in the NASCAR events - selling Checkers hamburgers and hotdogs to the racing fans. CFC FFL Maryland agreed with the food organizers of NASCAR to raise funds by working on the events with CFC volunteers. They were assigned to work on the Checker concession stand and sold food and drinks to the NASCAR fans. CFC FFL Maryland has generated funds to support its mission in the Philippines, Caribbean and African countries.

This year for 2009, CFC FFL Maryland will focus its fund raising project for the Work With the Poor (WWP) to help restore the dignity, hope and faith of the poor families in the Philippines. The scope of WWP consists of work in restoration of poor communities. The CFC FFL Maryland will be participating at the NASCAR races at the Richmond International Raceway - May 1-2, June 26-27 and September 11-12 events. NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in the United States and the races are usually attended by more than 100,000 racing enthusiasts.