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Thank You NASCAR Volunteers

The CFCFFL WDC Chapter of the Capitol Area participated in a fundraising project to raise funds for the Work with the Poor (WWP) and the Evangelization Mission Fund (EMF). Both are significant programs of CFCFFL. The Chapter traveled to Richmond, Virginia and joined other organizations during the NASCAR races on September 10-11. The team of volunteers worked in one of the biggest concession stands in the race track and cooked and sold hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken strips and French fries to more than 100,000 fans who attended the two days of racing and exposition events. This is now the third year that the CFCFFL has participated at the NASCAR events in Richmond for fund raising projects.

We would like to thank the following volunteers for their hard work and dedication to help raised funds to the poorest of the poor of the Philippines and the hard working full-time missionaries of the CFCFFL:

  • Ado Paglinawan
  • Margie Paglinawan
  • Amante Bustamante
  • Cesar Rabang
  • Letty Rabang
  • Rudy Asuncion
  • Jay-Arr Abarquez
  • Marjorie Abarquez
  • April Dela Cruz
  • Johana Balde
  • Buboy Balde
  • Lally Ussam
  • Lynson Ablaza
  • Ding Ong
  • Jet Defensor