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CFCFFL affiliates with St. Edward Church in Bowie

Great news indeed to start the New Year! We have recently established affiliation and partnership with the St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church in Bowie. Thanks to the efforts of Bro. Rene and Sis. Evelyn Fabito, CFC FFL is now affiliated with parish. Praise the Lord!

With the affiliation, we now have the opportunity to become an active partner with the parish. Starting this month:
  • CFC FFL sponsored mass on the every last Sunday of the month (we will participate as lectors, ushers, choir for the mass, alter servers and Eucharistic ministers). First CFC FFL mass on Jan. 25th.
  • Father John Barry, the Church Pastor, has offered to be our Spiritual Advisor.
  • We will have access to the venue for our Chapter Assembly and Teachings (we will hold every last Saturday of the month). First Chapter Assembly this year on Jan. 31st.
  • We will encourage our members to be active to parish activities (Bible Studies, Ministries and Services).
  • We will encourage our members to have their kids involved with the religious education offered by the Church.
  • We will provide transportation services to members for all church activities specially the masses.
Please make plans to attend our first CFC FFL sponsored mass on Jan. 25th. We will send more details later. Please volunteer as Choir members, lectors, ushers, altar servers, Eucharistic Ministers and transportation service.